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The Solero O'Bravia cloth collection is a new, exclusive, high-end an dsustainable brand which has been developed for your outdoor life. The parasol clot has been colored on a thread level before being woven and pprovides for elegancy, comfort, strenght and sustainability, making for a complete match with your solero parasol. It doesn't matter which color you pick, it's always a bit of green with your garden or professional parasol; as all our cloths are 100% recycable.

Carefully woven

Sustainability and the environment are key words in the 21st century. The Solero cloths are woven with the upmost scrunity. Being fully fade resistant is a major performance indicator. All Solero O'Bravia cloths will be delivered with a label that guarantees a color guarantee for four years. In our industry this is graded as a colorfastness grade of 7 out of 8. This means that the very first signs of volor fading will not show before being out in the sun for 350 days. This term was measured in normal weather conditions and daily usage of a protective cover.

Optimal protection
Solero parasol cloths frorm a great protection from harmful sun radiation. As our ozone layer continues to deteriorate, the filtering of UV-radiation happens less and less. Therefore having a quality cloth with an optimal protection keeps getting more important. With the exception of the 'natural' color cloth, all our cloths filter the harmfull UV-radiation entirely (100%), signified with a UPF 50+ factor. The Solero natural cloth has a UPF 30+ value.